Movement Innovations - Pilates Northampton, MADebja Steinberger - Pilates Northampton, MA

Pilates CD Beginner to Advanced Beginner Level

$20.00 +tax

Just as she does in class, Debja lends her incredible knowledge, dedication, and eloquence to this hour-long mat routine.   This CD gives me the motivation and guidance to continue my Pilates practice at home, on vacation, or on business trips. 

—Jane Goldstone

Debja's Pilates CD is awesome; it is a beautiful complement to her classes!   The CD is well paced, and Debja's calm clear voice leads us through the Pilates exercises with many of the same images she uses in class.   Listening to the CD at home give me the flexibility to vary my routine - I can do just a few exercises, or the entire hour's worth.   Debja's CD is awesome, awesome, awesome!!!

—Emma Linderman