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Movement psychotherapy is a therapeutic and innovative approach that integrates psychotherapy with expressive authentic movement, breathwork, body and sensorial awareness, and imagery.   It is a process that helps guide you to the creative and healing instincts available within yourself.   Movement psychotherapy opens doors to personal growth and change.   It is a transformational process for emotional release, psychological integration, spiritual wellness, and fostering a healthy connection to your body.   The ultimate goal is to help you take what you learn in Movement Psychotherapy into your daily life, so that you can develop a more loving relationship with yourself and others, build a richer and more satisfying life, and achieve a greater sense of wholeness.

Movement Psychotherapy sessions take place in a safe, non-judgmental environment in which to explore your personal journey. The movement psychotherapy session can help you awaken your inner voice and begin to feel a renewed sense of hope, increased energy, inspiration, and new sources of creativity. The session can help you to feel grounded in your body/self, allowing you to open to new resources that help you to manifest what you want in your life and in your relationships with others. As these sensations and abilities grow from within, you can begin to love more fully, and feel a greater sense of love for your body/self. Ultimately, all these things can help you to become your best self.

Movement Psychotherapy can help you:

•  feel fully alive;

•  discover inner sources of strength;

•  release fears;

•  clarify life choices;

•  set goals and solve problems;

•  achieve self empowerment and body empowerment;

•  heal and integrate traumatized aspects of yourself;

•  release accumulated emotion;

•  learn to balance body, mind, and spirit; and

•  enjoy increased vitality and zest for life.

Individual sessions are scheduled by appointment.