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Pilates is a method of core muscle conditioning and flexibility that becomes a deepening, embodied experience.   Practicing Pilates increases your awareness of your body and re-educates your body's neuromuscular system. Letting go of habitual movement patterns that are inefficient and may cause pain and discomfort, you begin to learn new, efficient movement patterns that invoke strength, flexibility, and agility.   As you progress, you learn how to move your muscular and skeletal system in an integrated way that creates ease and freedom in your joints, muscles, and bones.

An integrated body/mind workout is promoted during Pilates classes. The attention and focus on your breath, proper skeletal alignment, body position, and the use of your core muscles (i.e., abdominal, pelvic floor, and spinal muscles) unifies your entire system. The results are improved balance and core stability, as well as greater ease and openness throughout your body. All this allows you more flexibility within your body and in your movement, resulting in long, lean muscles with a strong abdominal core.   Additional benefits of practicing Pilates include:

•  increased range of motion;

•  fuller, deeper breathing ability;

•  improved posture, coordination, and balance;

•  improved joint health; and

•  stress reduction and centering.

Pilates is a powerful conditioning program that can be practiced by nearly everyone.   It is often rehabilitative in nature, making it an excellent choice for people brand new to exercise as well as dancers and athletes.   Both healthy and deconditioned bodies can benefit from this corrective body/mind exercise.   Pilates often helps to relieve back discomfort, and is recommended to those seeking to prevent or recover from injuries.

Beginner to advanced level group mat classes meet on a regularly scheduled basis.   Refer to class schedule page for times and days.   Individual and semi-private sessions available by appointment.


Individual and semi-private lessons are focused conditioning programs individualized to your body's specific needs and your personal goals.   These programs are designed to help you learn about your body's natural intelligence, focusing your attention on your breath and movement to relax and rejuvenate your nervous system.   Through repetition and repatterning, new movement potentials and capabilities are discovered.   The aim is to flow through exercise movements, combining strength challenges with focused mental attention and intention.   As you follow your breath, you will experience increased physical lightness coupled with improved strength.   Workouts are designed to be both invigorating and relaxing, so that the exercises will come to feel and look effortless.

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