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KineticWave Movement is a dynamic blending of movement, sounding, and breath. By exploring natural, undulating wave movements, you learn to inhabit your body in new ways, experiencing your body as liquid, strong, and supple.   KineticWave Movement allows you to open to your inherent nature and rediscover your body as a source of nurturance and a place of natural joy, unlimited peace, and wholeness.   It allows for new movement potentials, creativity options, and playful choices.

KineticWave Movement explores a wide range of movement from the muscular to the molecular.   Discovering your inherent fluid nature is essential in that it allows you to discover the infinite world of movement which can heal, nourish, and inspire. This will help to melt habitual movement patterns that cause stiff joints, aching backs, and slow the inevitable aging process.   Because every aspect of our bodies, including our cells, has been shaped by water, our bodies are mutable and changeable.   In creating variations of water molecules that make our bodies more supple, you can experience joyful resiliency, increased adaptability, and constant renewal.   KineticWave Movement enlivens the oceans inside your body!

In addition to exploring fluidity, KineticWave Movement encourages you to free your breath from habitual patterns.   Facilitating sound variations that can lead to flexible reshaping of form and structure, you can shift physical/mental densities, creating greater spaciousness and flexibility in your body and your life.   As you deepen within your inner landscape and listen, a gratitude envelopes you.   Your nervous system has the opportunity to rest, and in this inner calm, your body softens. You become more accepting and appreciative, opening your perspective and rising into your truest self.   KineticWave Movement helps you make your body a home you can live in.

Group classes meet on a regularly scheduled basis.   Refer to class schedule page for times and days.   Individual and semi-private sessions available by appointment.